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10 reasons to shop local


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Dear consumer,

Each year, a handful of local businesses close their doors forever. When they do, we lose sales tax revenue, property tax revenue and local jobs. Each time a local business closes, it affects city and county services and as consumers, we lose the diversity in products and services that contributes to a better quality of life. The less we support our local businesses, the more we are forced to travel for those goods and services we used to be able to find locally. Not shopping locally has as much negative affect on a community as shopping locally positively affects it. The more our local economy thrives, the better our infrastructure, the more tourists we draw. It's a self-perpetuating cycle that can be a boon for a community. Visitors are drawn by a variety of services and love to explore the uniqueness that small-town businesses offer. Residents too, benefit from that uniqueness and the level of customer service that isn't nearly as personal in bigger cities. It's your choice, choose Craig. It's important to support what is unique and special about our community.

The Craig Chamber of Commerce feels strongly that the support, retention and expansion of our local businesses will only enhance our economic future and preserve the quality of life that we value so much.

-- Christina Oxley,

Executive Director


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